Time for a solar system checkup?

By Hawaii Renovation Posted in: Energy
December 1, 2019

Is your solar power system a few years old? Is it not producing the amount of solar energy you expected? Are you noticing dirty solar panels? You may need a solar system checkup. Even if your solar power system is working well, it’s important to get it checked out regularly to ensure safe and optimal solar energy usage.

Did your solar company go out of business? Did they use the wrong parts for Hawaii’s climate? Is everything working to its maximum performance on your system? If you can’t answer these questions, you may need a solar system checkup.

Clean Solar Panels can inspect your interconnection breaker for damage or normal wear and tear starting at only $299.99. Solar system inspections also include:


The inverter on your solar panel system converts the power that the panels produce (direct current) into energy that your home can use (alternating current). Without the inverter, no matter how much energy your panels produce, you won’t be able to use any of it. If there are any issues with your inverter, you may be producing less energy out of your system.


It’s crucial to be sure that your system is performing at its absolute best. One of the biggest enemies of peak solar performance is shade that covers your panels. Clean Solar Panels inspects your system for any possible obstructions, shadows, or debris (mildew, mold, bird droppings, or leaves) that could block your system from performing at its absolute best. The company will assess your situation and give options for getting rid of any problems.


Monitoring equipment is the brain of your system. It’s important to make sure it’s working so you are able to monitor how much energy your system is producing. This way, you can notice if your system isn’t producing as much as expected and then catch issues or errors as soon as it happen. Monitoring also enables you to notice when your system is at its best.


All discoveries found during a system inspection will be conveyed to you. Clean Solar Panels will let you know if your system is performing as expected, or if there are errors or other factors preventing your system from working well. The company will let you know if your breaker, inverter, and monitoring equipment are all working smoothly.

Some services may require additional cost due to site conditions. Very fragile roof types may preclude rooftop inspection. Inspection of monitoring system only applies to customers with monitoring system. Call Clean Solar Panels today at 454-7565 to schedule your solar system inspection or visit its website at cleansolarpanelshawaii.com.

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