If you’re looking for a lawn that your pets will love almost as much as you do, Zeon Zoysia is a turfgrass that’s received a verified canine stamp of approval here in Hawaii.

On a corner in the beautiful Ahuimanu neighborhood of Kaneohe, there’s a home whose owner, a gentleman named Frank Suenaga, obviously cares a great deal about his lawn. For years, Suenaga carefully nursed a yard planted with an older zoysiagrass. When he had his front lawn re-sodded with Zeon Zoysia from Hawaiian Turf-grass, the results were dog-gone terrific.


“The Zeon is softer, and I got comments from my neighbors that it looks like a golf course kind of surface,” he said. “Even my daughter’s dog likes the Zeon better. The old zoysia is poky under his feet, so he tries to avoid it!”

“It’s so different from what we’re used to!” said Sean Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass, the state’s exclusive licensed producer of Zeon Zoysia. “Nobody wanted to sit or walk on the old Zoysia, and it was hard to mow and maintain. Zeon has the opposite characteristics: it’s soft, pet and barefoot-friendly, and it has that ‘wow factor’ look.”

Lush, dark green Zeon Zoysia isn’t just a turfgrass endorsed by dogs with tender paws. Homeowners praise it for its hardiness and easy maintenance. A deep translucent green, Zeon Zoysia is finely bladed with a soft leaf texture and doesn’t produce as much thatch as many other varieties. It’s bred to be more diseaseand insect-resistant than many other varieties. Because it’s salt-tolerant, it grows well near beaches, needing very little water and fertilizer. Lawns planted with Zeon Zoysia should be mown before the turf reaches 3 inches — generally, every 1-2 weeks with a reel mower set at 3/4 inches or less.


You can now shop for this spectacular sod on Hawaiian Turfgrass’ easy-to-navigate website. The site contains comprehensive, helpful information about Zeon Zoysia and the other types of grass offered by the Mililani company. There’s also a handy comparison chart that shows the top three performing sods rated in a variety of categories, including low maintenance, fertilization needs, and drought tolerance.

Like all sod farmed by Hawaiian Turfgrass, Zeon Zoysia is grown on plastic for highest quality. “When you buy it, you get the entire plant, with the root and the grass,” Fong explained. “We grow the grass in compost, so it’s sterile, technically weed-free and can adapt to any soil profile.”

Your dog will wag his tail all over when you give him a soft new Zeon Zoysia lawn to play on! Order your new Zeon Zoysia lawn (minimum 500 square feet) from Hawaiian Turfgrass by Dec. 31, 2019 for a $500 discount on installation. Call 371-0527 and mention this article to receive your special installation discount.

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