If you’ve been on the fence about making your window project purchase, you’re in luck. This is the best time to jump in and get an exceptional product at the best price possible as end of the year sales start popping up. And one firm to help homeowners through it all is Windows Hawaii. From customer service, to special deals and reliable products, Windows Hawaii has it all.

One such product is its Alii Extreme Windows & Doors manufactured by Anlin Window Systems, especially because it is tailored to Hawaii’s tropical climate. Extreme is a more than sufficient choice as it is tailored specifically for Hawaii’s island living. You may even want to put up some decorative window film on these extreme windows so that you don’t have to worry about choosing between looks or durability with your glass.

The Alii Extreme Windows & Doors product line is the result of a decade of research and development by Anlin in Hawaii’s unique climate, and Windows Hawaii is your exclusive local distributor.

The technological advancements on these products are unmatched with features like Comfort-Core™ Foam Fill, Triple-Guard Weatherstripping, Innergy ® Fiberglass Reinforcement, Argon “Flood-Filled” chamber, Sound Suppression Technology, Upgraded Rollers, Aluma-Force™ Extruded Screen Frame – in which this frame is made with thick walls of high-test aluminum with no worry of bending or damaging during cleanings.


The Argon “Flood-Filled” Chamber replaces argon-injected technology, which is a step above the rest since it increases windows’ R-value and minimizes heat exchange through the window.

(R-value refers to the level of effectiveness a product resists heat transfer through conduction, defines the Building Performance Institute Inc. “The higher the R-value, the greater resistance to heat transer,” according to the institute.)

Comfort-Core is a green foam inserted in specific dead air chambers for maximum efficiency and the fiberglass reinforcement is an ultra-strong insert providing thermal insulation and resists condensation.

Other details of these features are dissimilar, thicker, glass panes of the sound suppression technology, substantially reducing noise coming in or going out. The Triple-Guard Weather-stripping comes with three strips for each window adding triple protection against moisture, dirt, noise, bacteria, mold and mildew.

The Alii Extreme window is wet glazed rather than using a double-sided tape to secure the IGU to the frame. One of the benefits is the INFINIT-e Plus High Performance Glazing System featuring Anlin Armor, which adds even more protection and durability.


Bringing it full-circle is the most inclusive warranty in the industry with the True Double Lifetime Warranty that is fully transferable to one subsequent homeowner plus covers labor and freight.

Surround yourself, family and house with the ultimate protection from Windows Hawaii offering some of the best technologies in the industry.

Benefits of INFINIT-e PLUS High Performance Glazing System featuring Anlin Armor

•Anlin Armor provides an easy peel protective film for extra durability on the interior and exterior glass.

•The INFINITE-e triple layer silver coating keeps homes super cool as its technology reflects and substantially reduces solar heat.

•PLUS easy clean coating provides a permanent exterior coating that harnesses UV rays to help break down dirt, allowing your windows to stay cleaner longer.

•A Platinum Elite Next Generation Spacer features the most advanced, thermally efficient, commercial rated warm edge spacer in the industry with its patented two-piece corrugated design.


•A moisture stop continuously extracts moisture vapor from within with an advanced silica drying agent.

•The True Dual Seal assures lifetime durability thanks to an engineered thermoplastic moisture vapor barrier fused with a commercial rated two-part structural silicone.

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