Are you searching for strikingly beautiful, high-quality porcelain tile for your renovation or construction project?

Then head for Rui Building Supply for a brand-new selection of tile that will add value, character, and comfort to your home!


“A lot of our newer selections are really unique,” said Jon Xie, manager of the packed showroom on Sand Island Access Road. “Our tile is from China, and it’s high-quality, solid porcelain, very thick, recommended by homeowners and outside contractors and homeowners. It’s brought in a lot of customers.”

Porcelain’s origins have been traced to China, where its manufacture began more than 2,000 years ago. Tiles constructed of porcelain are stronger, harder, and more water-resistant than ordinary ceramics, and they’re a challenge to produce because they’re made with finer clays fired at higher temperatures. The resulting glazed surfaces are resistant to most heavy impact stresses and almost impossible to chip, making porcelain tile ideal for high-traffic areas.

“These tiles are very dense, which means they’re practically impermeable to water penetration,” said Xie. “They’re great for kitchen floors and counters, bathroom floors and showers, entryways, dining rooms — any area that sees a lot of family use, or that often gets very wet.”


The selections, he added, include pebbled tiles in several rich textures and colors. “They have rough textures and patterns, so they’re not as slippery; they’re easier for toes to grip,” Xie explained. “We also have porcelain tiles that look like marble, but they’re lighter in tones so easier to match.”

The new selections are available in limited quantities, and will only be offered for a limited time, Xie said, so it’s a good idea to visit soon.

“Our flooring section has designated areas for tile, and we offer free estimates and consultations with experts who can help you figure out exactly how much you’ll need for your project,” he added.


By the way, Rui Building Supply can provide just about everything else you’ll need for your project, whether it’s a light renovation or a brand-new home. The showroom is packed with fixtures, cabinets, cupboards, countertops, lighting, and furnishings in a variety of styles, all priced competitively. And clients who hire Rui Construction, the showroom’s sister company, for their projects receive a discount on their building supplies.

“We always give our customers discounts when we do the work for them,” Xie said. “We’re a one-stop shop. We’ll help you with design and provide most of the fixtures for your project. You don’t need to go anywhere else!”

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