Most home owners can’t see their low slope/flat roofs and don’t know the condition of their low slope roofs. Most new residential low slope roofs are covered in what’s called modified bitumen. Modified bitumen is quite simply, rubberized asphalt. There are a handful of modified bitumen manufacturers in America. From MRC’s experience, CertainTeed makes the best self-adhered modified bitumen system with the longest life expectancy. It’s called Flintlastic.

While roofing Hawaii for over 30 years, MRC Roofing LLC has learned a few things about the difference between quality manufactured modified bitumen and low cost manufactured modified bitumen. Quality modified bitumen will last and low-cost modified bitumen won’t, no matter how well the warranty is written. MRC won’t even sell its customers a modified bitumen installation that doesn’t have at least a 25 to 40-year life expectancy. Don’t confuse life expectancy with warranty length. Flintlastic is a maintenance free roof system with the proper flashings.


CertainTeed rewards quality craftsmanship by giving a badge of certification to its contractors with the best installation practices. MRC Roofing has such a badge. It’s a sign of trust that the customer can rely on knowing that if they want an extended warranty, their contractor is able to provide it to them. It’s a pretty good system of checks and balances.

CertainTeed’s Flintlastic modified bitumen (also referred to as MOD BIT) comes with a self-adhesive backing that is very aggressive. It is the best adhesive backing in the mod bit industry. Before self-adhesive backing existed, mod bit was hot mopped or torched down to the roof surface. The torching method is not a reliable technique as there can be cold spots in the backing where the torch did not completely melt the asphalt as it gets laid down. Hot mopping mod bit with hot asphalt had an odor that no one likes to smell and most contractors don’t have asphalt kettles anymore because of safety liabilities. Self-adhesion takes the guess work out of the torch down method and the safety out of a melting kettle.

If you think it might be time for a new low slope Flintlastic mod bit roof, call MRC for a free estimate and a quality CertainTeed modified bitumen installation. Contact MRC Roofing LLC license No. C-31624 at 842-4464 or visit or email mrc@mrcroofing. com. MRC Roofing’s favorite modified bitumen manufacturer can be located at

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