Tips For A Quality Roof Installation

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October 13, 2019


A properly installed roof using quality materials and workmanship is the key to your peace of mind regarding your new roof. Re-roofing is typically the most expensive required home maintenance project. United Roofing and Raingutters can install various roofing and coating types, but for purposes of this article, we will focus on composition shingles.

Composition shingles are the most commonly installed roofing system, which comes in various styles, weights, warranties and costs.


Besides the typical seven year contractor’s workmanship warranty, we will provide you a 25 year manufacturer’s workmanship (leak) warranty and a 50 year material warranty through Certainteed’s Five star warranty. Selecting a contractor with this certification will provide you with this excellent warranty.


Roof flashing, typically pre-painted galvanized, copper or stainless steel helps prevent leakage in areas where shingles alone will not be sufficient to keep you roof watertight.


Many homes have enclosed lanais/extensions which result in a roof material change from the original home to a flatter roof. This transition area can become a leak issue if not properly addressed during installation.


Proper ventilation can be an overlooked issue when re-roofing. With climate change issues and rising energy costs, proper ventilation using heat reflective products, vents, solar fans, insulation or radiant barrier systems will reduce the heat transfer into your living area. This will maximize the life of your roof, cut down humidity in the attic while making your home a healthier environment.


A proper inspection will determine if removing your existing roof is recommended or required. By recovering over your existing shingles, you will save the cost of removal but removal allows for inspection of your roof sheathing, will reduce the weight on your roof structure and will allow your contractor to nail your new roof directly onto the sheathing (plywood). There are situations where installing over an existing shingle roof is acceptable. Consult with your roofing contractor to discuss your situation, needs, budget and plans.


Did your estimator arrive on time, discuss your needs and answer all of your questions?

Did you receive a pro-posal in writing with all of the terms of the agreement including warranty, installation processes and product information?

A deposit upon acceptance is typical, however it does not need to be 50 percent and the installation start date should be based on a reasonable timeframe.

Do your research. The internet can provide you with valuable information.

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Wes Nomura is an estimator with United Roofing and Raingutters, with over 20 years in the roofing industry.

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