Thinking of replacing your doors and windows? Here are three important criteria to consider:


While many vinyl window systems look the same, there is a wide difference in quality. Most windows manufactured today are dual pane to be more energy efficient and soundproof. The quality of the spacer, the piece that separates the pieces of glass, is important. Better quality windows use argon gas between the panes to increase insulation. A poor quality spacer will fail in a few years, allowing air and moisture to get in between the panes.

Vinyl frames do well in Hawaii as they insulate and provide protection from salt corrosion, but must be checked to ensure that the frames are chambered for strength and are resistant to UV rays. If you stacked up all the brands of windows and put the heaviest at one end and lightest at the other, the heavier window will generally be better in quality with metal reinforced frames, thicker glass and vinyl.


Better quality windows use “neat” glass that allows water to sheet off the glass and not leave water spots. Using the rain or a hose will keep your windows clean.

While Diamond Head Windows carries many brands of windows, in its 20plus years of window installations, the Amerimax brand has proven to be the best quality and value for your money. Diamond Head Windows ships directly from its factory in California, eliminating any middleman and additional costs.


As important as product quality is, ensuring that the company measuring and installing your windows is professional matters, too. Buying windows from one entity and having a sub-contractor install it can lead to problems if there is a leak in five years. What is the installation warranty? Does the company stand behind the work they do?

Diamond Head Windows only uses its own employees, who have years of experience in installations. The company can handle any aspect of your job, including expanding your existing windows, or handling dry rot or termite damage.



Read the warranty carefully. Does it include labor? Is it pro-rated? Most manufacturers will not cover screens and most have hardware warranty for one to two years, based on your proximity to the ocean. These are the items that you will need the most coverage on, as they are the weakest link in any window installed in Hawaii.

Diamond Head Windows offers a lifetime warranty on product and installation. If your window leaks in 10 years, call the company for a repair or replacement at no charge to you.

Amerimax offers a lifetime installation that includes frames, glass, hardware and even screens. They also have a lifetime accidental glass breakage warranty.

If it is a manufacturing defect, Diamond Head Windows will do the work of getting the window manufactured and replaced, for as long as you live in your home. What you pay for your window replacement is important, so make sure that you are getting exactly what you pay for.


Contact Diamond Head Windows for a demonstration on the differences in window quality and for a free estimate. Call the company at 419-7500 or 799-8979 (on the weekends) to set up an appointment. Find out why Diamond Head Windows is one of Hawaii’s choices for window replacement.

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