Autumn is here and the days are cooler. It’s a great time to tackle those home improvement projects you’ve been putting off during summer.

For any kind of renovation project, you’ll find practically everything you need at Rui Building Supply on Sand Island Access Road. Rui’s showroom is packed with cabinetry, countertops, vanities, faucets, sinks, tile, flooring, lighting and more.

“Our prices are very competitive and reasonable compared to the market,” said manager Jon Xie.

“We aim for decently high quality, because the majority of the things we bring in are used by clients on the construction side of our business.”


As local contractors and savvy DIY homeowners have discovered, the showroom is stocked with inexpensive solid wood cabinets.

“They’re priced between $30-$40 on clearance,” said Xie. “I tell customers that they’re perfect for organizing storage space in garages and laundry rooms!”

Xie and his team are getting ready for next month’s arrival of a shipment of new cabinets.

“They’re a fresh style: flat finish white cabinets, all frameless,” he explained. With no face frame to limit cabinet space, the entire interior of the cabinet allows for storage.

The showroom boasts an exciting selection of new quartz and granite counter-tops in more than a dozen shades and styles.


“Granite is non-porous, so it doesn’t harbor bacteria,” added Xie. “And our quartz countertops are a little more expensive, but our clients love them because they are practically indestructible.”

Rui’s selection of porcelain tile is perfect for kitchen floors and counters, bathroom floors and showers, entryways, dining rooms, lanais, laundry areas, or any room in which the floor needs to hold up well to frequent moisture or traffic. With Rui’s all-new designs, some smooth, some textured, and some glazed, there are a million design possibilities.

“Porcelain tile is so tough! It resists stains and doesn’t harbor allergens like carpeting and other flooring materials,” said Xie.

The showroom has practically everything else you might need for your project.

“We can also help with pre-estimates, layouts and designs, and we can send a contractor to take measurements for your project,” Xie shared.


Best of all, these services are free.

CONTACT 848-8820
ADDRESS 155 Sand Island Access Road