While more and more people are choosing to cut the cord and get rid of their televisions, I can’t help but notice how much I depend on mine. I would not say I’m addicted. I watch about one hour a day. However, this small window of time is what helps me to wind down and forget about the never-ending task list that would otherwise be running through my head.

My husband and I love to watch the various house-hunting shows in which potential homeowners peruse and choose their next home. I always laugh when they shun a bathroom that is more than double the size of mine because it is “too small.” Like many in Hawaii and other highly populated areas, I have grown accustomed to smaller spaces — and the bathroom is no exception. That is not to say that I would not appreciate more storage. I like to shop in bulk, so finding a place to store items in the bathroom has become a constant challenge. To help, I consulted Everett Shintaku of The Bathroom Store.



“We get asked all the time about storage solutions,” Shintaku said. “First thing is choosing a vanity that has enough storage space.”

For very small spaces, Shintaku recommends a floating, or wall-hung, vanity. “It gives you storage while creating an impression of having more space,” he said. “We carry a line called Madeli, which is becoming popular because of their floating vanity selection.”


While most people are familiar with medicine cabinets, many do not use them to their full potential. Look for versions that come with movable shelving inside. Some even have holders with separators for things like toothbrushes and cosmetic items. The trick is to clear the counters underneath by storing items in the medicine cabinets instead.



Take a page from luxurious hotels and spas by using the vertical space in your bathroom.

“Spa racks go right above the toilet and hold things like towels,” Shintaku said. “Hotels always seem to have these in guestrooms.”

These can come with metal bars made specifically for hanging towels, or equipped with solid shelving instead. If it’s the latter, give it a personalized touch by adding a framed photo or a small potted plant.


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