One neighbor recently had their roof replaced. Another had their roof replaced a year ago. The price difference between the two roofing jobs was quite noticeable. Why?

“There are many reasons re-roofing pricing can differ,” said Bernard Balais, president and RME of West Oahu Roofing. “The first reason is timing. Throughout the year roofing suppliers where we purchase materials endure price increases for materials, shipping, and overhead costs. These expenses are passed down ultimately to the consumer.


Another reason a roof can cost more or less than a neighbor is the roof size. From the ground it may seem like your roof is the same size as a neighbor’s roof but in actuality, after measuring there may be a difference in roof size.”


Other factors such as roofing materials types, the amount of existing roofing layers, and types of roofing accessories can also affect the costs.

The best way for you to get an accurate roofing quote is to contact a local, licensed, and experienced roofing company to provide you with a competitive roofing estimate.


Established in 2004, West Oahu Roofing Inc. is a local family owned and operated roofing company focusing mainly on residential re-roofs and new roofs.

“After you re-roof, you will allow your home’s natural beauty shine and protect over your family,” Balais said.

If you’re in the market for a re-roofing of your home, visit to see the quality of work West Oahu Roofing puts out. For a free estimate, call 671-6886 and see what the company can offer you.


West Oahu Roofing provides, “The quality you want! The workmanship you trust! The value you deserve!”

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