Kai Ridge Hawaii is a locally owned and fully licensed general contractor, specializing in design-build, major renovation, along with kitchen and bathroom remodeling. The company is trustworthy and reliable, and has built or renovated many homes on the island of Oahu.

While other companies also create incredible houses, Kai Ridge’s are each uniquely customized to every land and differ from others like it as they are built with special design and details. The company’s project manager will assess your house situation, recommend the design concept, and listen to your needs and likes, then offer a beautiful resolution to reach your dream house.

Through anther client’s referral, Kai Ridge’s new clients wanted to have a facelift for their house. With the newest design trend and energy efficiency concepts, they couldn’t decide whether to do a major renovation or a new build.

Kai Ridge Hawaii’s project manager spent months to find out their needs and the design concept they liked. By taking into consideration the permitting time, restriction of new zoning requirements, and length of the project, the clients decided to do a major renovation — since the turnaround time would be greatly enhanced by using the existing structure. Due to magnitude of the renovation, Kai Ridge offered a design concept, and worked with the architect to refine the detail of the plans.


Kai Ridge Hawaii’s recommended design has always been about balancing design trends with functionalism from a builder’s perspective.

With a decade of building experience, the company’s project manager advised the clients to do a major facelift, including changing the layout and adding exterior decking. Maximizing the living and kitchen area will significantly enhance the overall look of the house.

Kai Ridge Hawaii designed the living room with an open window area and contemporary interior finish, which allows the living room to incorporate the best view and a stylish interior design. An open kitchen area magnifies the area of the existing house.

For the exterior, with Kai Ridge Hawaii’s recommendation, the clients decided to have a combination of James Hardie board, metal siding and stucco as exterior finishing. It will give a completely a new change to your existing house.

The clients really liked Kai Ridge Hawaii’s recommended wood decks, which were installed in the backyard. Spending time outdoors in the backyard with friends and family is very enjoyable.


Our clients are extremely happy with the final product, from the design, getting the permit approved and throughout the renovation phases, and eventually turn-key in to them. They feel so lucky with such a short turnaround time and streamlined process. They are so grateful for our professional advices and recommendations.

Before Kai Ridge Hawaii starts every project, the first commitment is to quality. The company always takes honest, conscientious efforts to maintain quality in its Hawaii construction projects. Secondly, the company is committed to being price savvy. Thirdly, Kai Ridge Hawaii is committed to excellent service. The company’s personnel are as courteous and friendly as they are professional. Kai Ridge Hawaii is a 100 percent bonded construction company.

Kai Ridge Hawaii Construction not only meets industry standards, but goes above and beyond to ensure its projects reflect the company’s brand and culture. Kai Ridge Hawaii’s residential portfolio includes contemporary renovations in the areas of Waialae Iki, Pali Highway, Pacific Heights, and Hawaii Kai, a residential complex in the heart of Kapiolani Boulevard, a new build in Wilhelmina Rise, in Kamuki, and other various locations on Oahu.

Kai Ridge Hawaii’s commercial portfolio includes a medical facility, retail stores at a premier shopping mall, boutique stores, restaurants, commercial storage, offices and tenant improvements.

Check the website at kairidgehawaii.com or the company’s Facebook page at facebook.com/kairidgehawaii.

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