A home is generally considered to be one of the biggest achievements and investments for most people. A quality roof not only helps protect your investment, but it also adds to the value and beauty of your home. Whether you are repairing or reroofing your home, it is wise to educate yourself to ensure that you get the best value for your money.

At United Roofing & Raingutters, we will help you select the ideal roofing system that best meets your needs, goals and budget.


Many people are concerned with lowering their energy consumption. We can give you ideas how to accomplish this by suggesting Energy Star rated products such as heat reflective shingles, coatings for flatter roofs, proper attic ventilation and interior heat reducing products.

Attic ventilation through either solar fans or ridge vents will remove heat, moisture and humidity from your attic, while helping lower the temperature in your home. These products may also lower your electric bill by lessening the frequency and amount of air conditioning and qualify for state and federal tax credits. Proper ventilation will also help extend the life of your roof by preventing premature aging of your roof due to attic heat.

If you are considering solar products due to the upcoming reduction in federal tax credits, it is prudent to have your roof inspected prior to installing your PV or solar water system.


At United Roofing & Raingutters, we are currently offering a free solar attic fan for a complete reroofing project. We also install seamless gutters using our dedicated gutter crew. Call 256-6433 or me directly at 351-2985 for a free estimate or to ask questions regarding your roof.

A job well done is worth doing, so do it right the first time with United Roofing.

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Wes Nomura is an estimator with United Roofing & Raingutters.

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