Faced with the opportunity to make changes to your bathroom, the initial reaction is “Where do I start?” Talking to your contractor is a good start. Deciding what goes into the space should, however, be your decision since it is you who has to live with that decision for years to come.

Here are three important tips to remember for your new bathroom.


New technologies that gear toward low maintenance are being introduced by the plumbing industry every day.


The metal that is under the finish plays a big role in the lifespan of fixtures. For instance, brass will last a lot longer in Hawaii’s climate than stainless steel. The thickness of metal and finish is very important for longevity and ease of maintenance. Most high-end faucets such as TOTO only require wiping with a soft cloth.

The high-end look is easily achieved with frameless shower or tub enclosures. Glass Doors such as Fleurco come equipped with Microtek. If you are going to get frameless shower screen installation in Melbourne then there are lots of benefits because not only does it look good but minimal cleaning is required allowing you to enjoy a relaxing and serene shower experience without the worry of the glass being embedded by stains.

Integrated sinks are built into, and of the same material, as the bathroom counter. They create a minimalist and seamless look that’s low maintenance, since there’s no seams that dirt or water can get under. Companies like TOTO will use Cefiontect glazing on their sinks to prevent staining and to help with ease of cleaning.

Cleaning the toilets is a task that no one enjoys. With Cefiontect glazing, TOTO toilets resist staining and also have a smoother finish than glazing to prevent anything from sticking on the surface. Having a toilet with enclosed sides, also called a “skirt” will make cleaning the toilet a breeze. A good performance and reliable flush will also help to lower your maintenance time spent in the bathroom.



The largest energy efficiency you can add to your bathroom is through LED lighting. According to the U.S. Department of Energy, LED lights use at least 75 percent less energy, and last 25 times longer, than incandescent lighting.

LED mirrors have been the latest trend in contemporary bathrooms. Besides task lighting, some innovative ways to use LEDs include: • To add color to water in a tub or sink •As a color wash effect on a wall • To back light wall mirrors •To light counters or shelves


The vanities are a focal point of any bathroom.

The vanity can have a big role in the final look of your bathroom. There are vanities that can make a bathroom look traditional and there are vanities that will make your bathroom look more modern. Floating vanities are gaining popularity due to the open bottom look. It will make your bathroom appear larger without losing storage space for your cleaning supplies and accessories. With no direct contact to the floor, floating vanities are very popular in wet rooms.


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