All you hear is “we do it this way, they do it that way” but Aire Conditioner Shoppe tells you the way it is from the beginning with no surprises. As you know, it keeps getting warmer on Earth due to climate change, so make sure you are getting the best seasonal energy efficiency ratio (SEER) for your A/C to help the environment. The folks at Aire Conditioner Shoppe tell you things the way they are with no sugarcoating. If you want honest answers to your questions, call the Aire Conditioner Shoppe.

The company has been in business for almost 39 years, and if the owner ever retires, his son-in-law will be taking over. Although Aire Conditioner Shoppe sells different brands, over the years it has found that Mitsubishi and Fujitsu split A/C systems are the winners with the best warranties. And remember, the price the company quotes is the price you will pay.


If you’re not keeping cool, now is the best time to get a free estimate for a split-ductless system from Aire Conditioner Shoppe. Remember, there is no substitute for A/C that can cool you down, plus save you plenty of energy with high SEER A/Cs. Aire Conditioner Shoppe gives the best warranty on the split systems available for the private residential homeowner. As a Fujitsu Elite contractor and a Mitsubishi Diamond contractor, the company now offers a 12-year warranty on parts and compressor, and one-year on labor. Make it a point to always ask what the warranty is that you are getting.

When you call, someone will answer Monday through Friday from 8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m. If your call is not answered because the line is busy, leave a message and the staff will do its best to return your call the same day, if possible. In most cases, you will find Aire Conditioner Shoppe costs a lot less than many companies out there. The company has been Hawaii’s No. 1 installer for more than 39 years.

The latest split-ductless systems provide zoned comfort and are engineered in such a way that installation is quick and easy. These systems are available from the company, which specializes in Fujitsu and Mitsubishi brands. Some of these systems provide both heating and cooling with the push of a button from a remote control. They also provide individual temperature control, so each room or zone will be the exact temperature that you set. These systems also have the capability to filter out dust, mold spores and microorganisms.


In terms of energy savings, owner Neil Wiedemann pointed out that split-ductless systems are just as, if not more, efficient than central air conditioning. Aire Conditioner Shoppe also sells less expensive window units, which are the choice for apartments, condominiums and houses. The company has been in business for more than 39 years and holds an A+ rating from the Better Business Bureau. Call for a free estimate.

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