While roofing Hawaii for over 30 years, MRC Roofing LLC has learned a thing or two about the difference between quality-manufactured shingles and low-cost manufactured shingles. Quality shingles will last and low-cost shingles won’t, no matter how well the warranty is written. MRC won’t even sell its customers a shingle installation that doesn’t have at least a 25 to 40-year life expectancy. Don’t confuse life expectancy with warranty.

It’s normal now for most manufacturers to call their shingles limited lifetime products which sounds like a long time, until you read the fine print in the warranty and find out about the proration matrix. A limited lifetime warranty is usually defined as 50 years and depending on the quality of the shingle (asphalt, granules, thickness, weight, etc.), the sliding scale of the proration matrix shakes out different for all shingle manufacturers.

It seems some manufacturers spend more energy on the writing of their warranty and selling upgraded warranties than they do on their shingle manufacturing processes. This is where Malarkey Roofing Products breaks the mold. When a manufacturer focuses on creating a great product first and foremost, it shows, and when you install a great product with quality craftsmanship, that shows also.


Some manufacturers push the sales of their upgraded warranty very hard because they’re betting the customer will lose the paperwork within 15 years and forget all about the added cost of the upgraded warranty. Malarkey Roofing Products is a family-run business and even though the company provides an extended warranty option it focuses more on making sure the roofing contractors that install their high-quality shingles do so with quality craftsmanship. Nobody needs to pay for an extended warranty when their shingles are installed to manufacturers specifications with no shortcuts taken in the installation process.

Malarkey rewards quality craftsmanship by giving a badge of certification to its contractors with the best installation practices. MRC Roofing has such a badge. It’s a sign of trust that the customer can rely on knowing that if they want an extended warranty, their contractor is able to provide it to them. It’s a pretty good system of checks and balances. A quality contractor with a certification badge will display it proudly like a soldier with a medal, who keeps it shiny without tarnishes.

Getting a new roof that was installed by a contractor with a certification badge is like getting a roof with an extended warranty without having to pay for it, because a certified installer uses best practices every time. It’s a win-win.

For a free estimate and a quality Malarkey rubberized shingle installation, contact license No. C-31624 MRC Roofing LLC at 842-4464 or visit mrcroofinghawaii.com or email mrc@mrcroofing.com. The company’s favorite shingle manufacturer can be located at malarkeyroofing.com.

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