My journey leading up to being the owner of my own construction company, J&E Roofing, started with my service in the U.S. Army.

It is there I learned the importance of values such as discipline, respect, self-confidence and more. After leaving the military with an honorable discharge, I decided to go into the construction industry.


I started off working with high-profile companies and acquired a lot of knowledge, all the while applying the lessons I learned from the military.

This all played a factor when I decided to take the next step and open J&E Roofing.

At J&E, our goal is to serve the residents of Honolulu with all the knowledge that I’ve gained throughout the years.


We offer a wide range of roofing that we install, from new construction, re-roofing, coating, etc.

As a local resident myself from Oahu’s Windward side as well as a graduate from J.B. Castle High School, I understand the importance of being a dependable resource to my Hawaii community.

That is why J&E offers discounts that will fit your budget and makes it a point to help veterans and our senior citizens as well.

CONTACT 864-2198