These are indeed the dog days of summer and a house that’s cooler inside than it is outside shouldn’t be hard to achieve. All you need is a cool roof.

So, who has the coolest of the cool roofs available? That’s easy. It’s the aluminum Country Manor Shake (CMS) roof system developed by Alcoa in 1974, but now made by Classic Metal Roofing Systems in Piqua, Ohio.


Aluminum Shake Roofing, Inc. has been installing the system all around Hawaii for over 30 years with thousands of roofs installed statewide. The CMS roof was always the coolest roof you could buy (and the best looking, longest lasting, most realistic and best performing roof system of all), but about 10 years ago Todd Miller, president of Classic, figured out a way to make it even cooler.

The Army had developed an infrared reflecting pigment to be included in their paints that made it harder to spot their tanks with infrared detecting equipment. Infrared light is invisible to us, but it is responsible for most of the heat in sunlight. A side benefit is that when the panel is exposed to direct sunlight, the surface of the Hi-R coated panel stays around 50 or more degrees cooler than conventional paint!

Miller started ordering these Hi-R pigments for all of his roof coatings including all those offered in the CMS system. The CMS panel is naturally cooler because it has a larger air space than any of the other aluminum shake systems. CMS is also available with the patented “free floating” EPS inserts which is 60 to 80 percent denser than any other molded insulation on the market.


The free floating technology creates a thermal break between the aluminum panel and the EPS insert making it much more difficult for heat to be transmitted down to the roof deck and into your house.

If you want to find out how to make your roof the coolest in town with the best warranty, call Brian or Fred at Aluminum Shake Roofing Inc. (847-8885) for a free, detailed, written estimate, including a scaled roof plan, and a thorough explanation of the work that must be done to replace your current roof problem with a great roof.

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