More and more Hawaii property owners are investing in solar panels for their home or business — it’s a smart move financially and it’s good for the environment. However, without regular maintenance on those solar panels, their investment may not be bringing in the energy cost-savings they were anticipating.

The reason is simple. Dirt, salt, road grime, and even bird droppings land on the panels and block the sun’s rays from reaching the system that generates power.

This can make you lose up to 30 percent of your solar energy production. Less solar energy means less energy cost-savings. In addition, panels that are flat can collect debris along their lower edge, covering the lower row of cells. Even this relatively small accumulation of grime can significantly decrease your power output.


Fortunately, Clean Solar Panels Hawaii offers an affordable solution to restore your solar energy system’s efficiency; a professional, thorough, and environmentally safe cleaning by trained professionals.

The company’s cleaning service starts at just $10 per panel — an exceptional value to protect your panels and continue to enjoy the energy cost-savings the panels were designed to give you.

While some home do-it-yourselfers may be tempted to hose down the solar panels themselves, it’s highly recommended to use the proper equipment and techniques. Solar panels have anti-reflective properties in the glass that must be maintained and cared for properly.

Abrasive cleaning utensils such as razor blades should not be used to clean solar modules, as it can damage the anti-reflective coating.


Harsh chemical cleaning products like ammonia or lye should never be used, as they can damage the solar module.

Clean Solar Panels Hawaii uses a special non-abrasive brush that protects your solar panels while deep cleaning them.

And instead of ordinary tap water, which can leave a residue, Clean Solar Panels Hawaii professionals use water from a special filtration system. This creates an ultra-pure cleaning agent to wash debris and grime from your solar panels.

Protect your investment in your solar energy system — contact Clean Solar Panels Hawaii today at 454-7565 for a free estimate. The company will keep your solar panels working to full capacity for years to come.

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