Finding the right products for your home in a renovation can be a daunting task. There are many more factors to consider than just what meets the eye. Windows Hawaii, the islands’ reliable source for premium windows, doors and other outdoor products, goes above and beyond to provide a seamless process that makes every step easy for everyone involved.

In addition to providing superior, aesthetically appealing products that can withstand storm-strength weather and Hawaii’s tropical climate, Windows Hawaii also ensures its products are installed with the highest care and skill as possible.

One way of doing this, which also sets Windows Hawaii apart from the rest, is through having the only AAMA-certified team member, Kurt Malley, on island who goes to the field, mentioned general manager Mario Garcia. This solidifies Windows Hawaii as a prime choice for its dedication to attain the highest caliber within the industry.


AAMA is the American Architectural Manufacturers Association, a mutual third-party entity that creates and enforces standards for the performance of windows and doors products, according to Bill Hughes, Northwest Exteriors’ chief operating officer. AAMA ensures companies are sticking to industrial standards that overall benefit the satisfaction and safety of consumers.

The association offers experienced installers the Masters Program from AAMA-accredited instructors of installation courses and written exams.

“I was trained and certified by an accredited instructor over the course of a week,” said Malley. “Every four years there is a mandatory refresher course in order to maintain the certification.”

Malley is thankful and proud of his AAMA certification since it allows him to help residents in ways others are unable to.


“When it comes to installing windows and doors, there are several different installation methods and frame types. Being AAMA certified, I was trained in and follow the AAMA standards when choosing the correct window type and install type for each individual home,” he explained. “The windows and doors you purchase are only as good as how they’re installed. They must be installed correctly to achieve their intended performance. Other window replacement companies take a one-size-fits-all approach to how they install the product, meaning they only know one way to do it.”

It’s clear to see that quality, honesty and great care are all core values to Windows Hawaii. Doing the proper research on the right contractor is a key component in any renovation, big or small, and this company supports its customers well after the installation process is complete.

“When a client chooses Windows Hawaii for their remodeling product, we do not only install windows and doors, we install confidence and trust,” shared Malley. “The customer can have confidence that they will be getting a quality product installed correctly and up to industry standards, and trust us to do what is right for their home.”

All in all, when choosing Windows Hawaii and its AAMA-certified installer Malley concluded that customers are sure to receive tested and accepted installation techniques; proper material selection, including the correct use of sealants and flashing; protection of the home owners property; quality control; and product care, adjustment, cleaning and maintenance.


Call Windows Hawaii or visit its website to upgrade your home to the best that it can be with the business’ products and undeniable service.

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