Must-haves for outdoor living

By Hawaii Renovation Posted in: Exterior
August 18, 2019

Today’s homeowners spend more time entertaining family and friends at home, and as a result, customized outdoor living spaces have become increasingly popular. Instead of updating your home’s exterior with amenities you’ll enjoy today, invest in upgrades that will increase the resale value of your home and appeal to potential buyers. One of the biggest trends in outdoor living is making it feel more like indoor living. So on your next outdoor project make sure to include these must-haves.

FULLY FUNCTIONAL KITCHEN Place your outdoor cooking and eating area off the family room to allow for direct contact with guests while preparing food. Make sure it’s complete with ice maker, sink and faucet, and beverage unit.


Don’t forget the pizza oven. Beyond the grill, one of the hottest additions to the outdoor kitchen is the pizza oven.


Don’t be shy about adding a pop of color with a colorful grill or by incorporating bright colors into the design of the space to make the area feel more inviting.


For increased functionality, task lighting near a grill or outdoor kitchen is essential during the evening hours. General lighting near the main seating area is also important. Lamps and chandeliers specifically made for outdoor use are a popular decorative accent to outdoor porches, pools, cabanas and other covered outdoor spaces.

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