W.G. Construction is a family owned and locally operated construction company that has been serving in the island since 2003.

We are a general contractor doing residential and commercial construction projects. WGC will help you with your construction process from start to finish. As the owner, I work with the clients to design your dream home or office the way you want it and provide architectural and engineering advice. WGC will also handle the process to get the permit approved for your project.


For residential projects we build new construction, renovation or additions to your home, including creating additional living or storage space. If you are planning to build an Accessory Dwelling Unit (ADU) on your property we can also help you. We have been doing a lot of that type of project.

WGC also builds commercial offices and does office renovation.

WGC specializes in all types of concrete work, residential and commercial. I have worked as a subcontractor for different general contractors, doing concrete work for both commercial and residential projects. W.G. Construction specializes in all types of concrete work and also provides excavation for, fence walls, retaining walls and hollow-tile structural walls. The staff builds to fit any area of your project, including compaction, rebar, concrete masonry unit (CMU) blocks, and all types of concrete work.


We work from flat ground to the hardest area of your project, and still provide reasonable prices. I ensure good quality control when building to make sure only choice materials are used. Before starting the work, I will make sure that both parties (owner and contractor) agree and understand the scope of the work.

As the owner, I fully supervise each project to make sure the job goes according to plan and my crew always keeps the job-site safe and clean.

Good communication with the homeowner or the contact person of the project is a must for me as the contractor.


My goal is to make sure the job is finished at the committed time given to the customer. Quality work and satisfaction at the end of the project are important to W.G. Construction. Call or visit the company either in-person or through its Facebook page.

Wendell Guieb is the owner of W.G. Construction LLC.

CONTACT 676-8898
ADDRESS 94-065 Waipahu Depot St., No. F