Having a growing ohana makes for a wonderful life. Owning a home that fits your growing family would make it even better. The future will be here sooner than you think and multigenerational homes are a growing trend, especially in Hawaii, where land is limited. With good planning and thoughtful use of space, several generations can live on one property together and happily. Here are a couple of options to consider.

An Additional Dwelling Unit, or ADU, has become a popular choice for multigenerational living. An ADU is separate from the main house, giving complete independence but still allows closeness when grandchildren get off the school bus.

An ADU can be planned and built so that it fits your lifestyle and needs, allowing seniors to age in place, in their own home.


Another option is remodeling your existing home, set up to accommodate multiple generations. This could include having additional entrances, bathrooms, upgraded kitchen and more. Consider it an investment not only in your family, but perhaps an income stream down the road.

That brings us to another reason to consider a remodelling project or adding an ADU. Your child may be leaving for college or it may be time to downsize.

With all the extra unused space, it could be a good time to think of your home as an investment.

Adding rooms or building an ADU is a great way to create additional value. Not only can it bring in rental income for you as the owner, but it also adds significant value to your property. It also leaves the option for your child to return home after college and have their own space. Whatever you decide, have that discussion with your family and then turn to home builders that you can trust.


Like families, no two HK Construction projects are ever exactly the same. As a family business, HK Construction takes the time to find out which options would best fit you. Highly experienced staff also keep up to date with the constantly changing rules and regulations that affect local construction, to keep your project running smoothly and efficiently.

Plus, with experience building homes in Hawaii for generations, HK Construction also knows what materials will last, so you can be confident that your home can withstand the local climate and its unique conditions. Using high quality, durable materials throughout your home allows for longevity, as you invest in your home.

Have more questions? Talk to experienced professionals at HK Construction’s free Design Build Seminars. The next seminars are scheduled on Wednesday, Aug. 14, at 6:30 p.m., at Blaisdell Center; Thursday, Aug. 15, at 6:30 p.m., at Pearl Country Club; and Saturday, Aug. 17 , 11 a.m. at 3660 On the Rise. See hkchawaii.com/seminars for more information and to register.

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