On June 14, the Honolulu Star-Advertiser released its results of the 2019 “Hawaii’s Best” People’s Choice Awards, and for the sixth year in a row Windows Hawaii earned the top spot for Best Window

Replacement Company in the state. “We’d like to thank all our customers for putting their trust in us and having voted to select us six years consecutively as the No. 1 window replacement company,” expressed general manager Mario Garcia. “It’s our quality product with superb service that makes us No. 1 in our field.”

Garcia’s customers agree that Windows Hawaii products are durable and efficient and are happy with the service performed by its hardworking employees from customer service to installation.


Customer Randall King of Aiea Heights has a spectacular view of Pearl Harbor and the surrounding area, and when it was time to replace his old, worn windows, he ultimately decided Windows Hawaii was the way to go.

“I did have another contractor come and install. They did okay at first, but there were problems later on. I called many, many times, but they never came to fix it,” divulged King. Soon after, he heard of Windows Hawaii on the radio and gave general manager Mario Garcia a call.

“Mario came over and he was patient and informative. He was real professional and the people that installed the windows gave high attention to details that the windows fit correctly. It was a good experience. I also like the design of the Windows Hawaii better,” he said.

“When I got the picture window from Windows Hawaii, it was larger and I put sliding. We also got double pane, which cut the heat back majorly, and sound as well. My neighbors can be loud sometimes and their sound is not interfering with us anymore. Our look of the house really improved, too,” concluded King.


If you haven’t given Windows Hawaii a try and are looking to do renovations on your home currently or in the future, there are a few reasons to rejuvenate your dwelling with its award-winning products — and it starts with Anlin Windows Systems, the company’s quality-oriented manufacturer.

Anlin has rolled out superior windows that are specifically tailored to Hawaii’s tropical climate. The Alii Extreme line of windows and doors bestows homeowners with heightened peace of mind boasting several qualities of strength and protection, plus high efficiency.

Alii Extreme is made with triple-strength glass, which improves durability and functions as an efficient noise reducer both inside and out. The exclusive line’s Infinit-e Plus high performance glazing system is a sweet tech-forward advancement, providing residents with undeniable energy savings, blocking 95 percent of harmful UV rays resulting in a cooler home and reduced energy bills.

Due to these great functions, there have been other manufacturers that try to imitate the Alii Extreme window, but to no avail. When someone is looking to replace their windows, a Windows Hawaii representative can come to the client’s home to perform a test of carrying a Windows Hawaii product and carrying other brands’ products. From this test, customers are able to actually feel the difference compared with lower-quality manufacturing.


“When Anlin makes their windows, they do it with quality in mind, and the only way to lower the price is to lower the quality,” noted Garcia. “A lot of people tend to go for price, and they end up sacrificing quality. Sometimes the cheaper product ends up requiring homeowners to fill in with a patch here, and a patch there. So it’s quality that really comes up better in the long run.”

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