Pukana’s Ohana Plumbing, a Kapolei company founded by Kamae Ching, serves the island of Oahu with a business philosophy whose seeds were planted when he earned his first merit badge.

“I’ve been a Boy Scout since I was little; I’m actually an Eagle Scout!” said Ching. “As a Scout you learn about being an honorable person. Being honest and trustworthy goes a long way.”

As a college student, Ching met Denise, who would later become his wife.

“Denise’s brother is a plumber, and she told me I should take the certification test,” he said. Ching passed the exam and became a member of Plumbers and Fitters UA Local Union 675.


“I started 21 years ago, and I’ve been doing plumbing ever since,” he added.

Inspired by Ching’s example, his sons are following him into the trade.

“Jashon graduated in June from the apprenticeship program, and Jarom has three semesters of school left, and they’ll both test for their journeyman licenses,” he said with pride.

The company’s musical name is a tribute to two beloved family members.

“In January 2004, my wife gave birth to our third son, Jared,” Ching explained. “It was a little too early so he didn’t survive, but we always held him close to our heart.”


Seven years later, the Chings adopted a puppy and named him “Pukana” — “Jared” in Hawaiian. The dog provided comfort to the family, but passed when he was only 6.

“We always wanted to start our own plumbing company, and we dedicated our business to our two angels,” Ching said.

Launched in December 2018, Pukana’s Ohana Plumbing LLC, handles jobs all over Oahu.

“We do free estimates and can provide hourly rates or quotes by the project,” said Ching. “We’re fortunate to have picked up commercial and residential service contracts. People know we’ll get the job done and they don’t have to worry. And we do lots of emergency service and repair.”

In the plumbing business, that means the telephone sometimes rings late at night.


“You know how it is!” said Ching with an understanding chuckle. “People often wait till it gets worse before they call. But our logo says, ‘One call away,’ so when the phone rings after hours, we take care of them.”

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