There is a flooring product available in Hawaii with the ultimate in durability and style that no other wood, laminate or vinyl flooring can match. It is called “Pryzm” by Armstrong Flooring.

Fashion, function and durability make it the clear winner for your flooring choice in any room throughout your house. Vibrant realistic designs and textures of wood are combined with 100 percent waterproof construction and the ultimate in dent protection, providing peace-of-mind and a new-floor look for years to come.


This flooring, unlike floating vinyl waterproof floors, is made with a hard, commercial-grade plastic laminate surface and is adhered to a solid high-density waterproof core. This commercial grade plastic laminate surface is far superior to vinyl surface flooring in regards to wearing out, scratches, staining and fading. In fact, most waterproof vinyl floors do not warrant against fading of the color in the pattern. Pryzm will warrant against fading of the color during the warranty period.

With its high-density waterproof core, the heavy weight of appliances, furniture and chairs will not dent the floor. The 100 percent waterproof planks are ideal for high moisture areas of the home like kitchens, bathrooms and laundry rooms. There is even a warranty that will cover any staining to the pattern caused by mold or mildew. No other waterproof vinyl flooring product has this mold and mildew warranty.

Pryzm is the easiest floor to maintain and clean. The floor can be wet mopped without worrying about swelling or buckling of the floor.


A neutral cleaner is all that is needed to get off dirt, grease and grime. The floating floor installation allows the floor to be installed over most existing hard surface floors, avoiding costly removal and disposal charges.

You will be able to choose from 20 unique wood plank designs and colors that are available in multi-width and single width planks, micro-beveled edges and realistic textures that combine for a natural look.

To see samples and to learn more about Pryzm Luxury Flooring, call Homeowners Design Center to schedule your showroom visit and consultation with a knowledgeable sales staff.