Shopping for flooring and tile at a big box store can sometimes be an overwhelming experience. When you’re surrounded by plumbing fixtures, paint samples, DIY homeowners with long honey-do lists, and other distractions, it can be tough to focus on finding the best flooring for your project.

Opened in March of this year on Dillingham Boulevard, H & C Flooring and Stone is the perfect place to make a well-informed decision about flooring. At the company’s handsome Kokea Center showroom, you can take your time inspecting a collection that includes vinyl, solid wood, porcelain tile and more.

In a showroom lined with large display boards of its products — each board 3-feet wide by 7-feet long — it’s easy to see that H & C has done its best to empower homeowners with better visuals.


“This really helps you picture the whole effect in your own home, especially when the boards are placed against a wall,” said Wen Cao, partner and co-owner of H & C, adding that plenty of samples are available.

Still undecided about what might work best for your space? Here’s a bit of information about the different flooring types you’ll find at H & C.


Water-resistant, budget-friendly, and easily maintained, vinyl flooring is available at H & C in 25 gorgeous decor options, all with rigid cores.

“Our product doesn’t have grooved edges, which means the connection between two vinyls doesn’t trap dirt so easily,” Cao said.

Expert tip: For dramatic effect, Cao suggests covering a single wall with the vinyl you’ve chosen for the floor.


Perfect for: Living rooms, kitchens, and bedrooms; vinyl can be placed over cement, granite, tile, and other flat subfloors.

“Installation is easy because it’s a click-lock system,” said Cao.

With more than 50 porcelain tile options available, H & C has a style for every decorating scheme. They’re durable, low-maintenance, and stain-resistant. Porcelain can be inexpensive, but installation generally must be handled by professionals.

Expert tip: Wash tiles regularly and clean grout between them for years of durable beauty. Apply a good sealer to the grout every few years.

Perfect for: Bathrooms, kitchens, laundry rooms, entryways. (Always make sure your current floor can handle the weight!)

Wood floors can last for generations, and can actually increase property values. But they must be installed over subflooring, and installation is tricky for all but the savviest DIY homeowners. H & C offers four different types: maple, Asian teak, and two different colors of acacia.


Expert tip: Wood floors can provide great acoustics — a consideration for musicians and audiophiles.

Perfect for: Living rooms and bedrooms, but never areas that regularly get wet. “And be careful about using wood on first floors, because it can expand,” cautioned Cao.

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