I have become a “lists” person. I have even started to think that I need a list to keep track of the innumerable lists I have going: grocery items, drug store items, things to do around the house, things to do with the kids, birthday present ideas, errands to run and countless others.

One major to-do that I have yet to check off has involved measuring for and purchasing baskets for the kids’ playroom. We have two rows of cubby-hole-like shelves with toys and craft items sloppily sitting inside. The area is practically begging for baskets. I have been browsing online and found that many retailers offer discounts for buying in bulk. It got me thinking of the many other functions baskets can serve:


You can use the baskets in the office for paper waste as-is. Or, for a more traditional trashcan, place an inexpensive plastic bin inside the basket. This will allow you to line the bin with trash bags without unsightly plastic hanging over the top.



Measure the top of the basket and have fiberglass cut to size to create a lid or tabletop surface. You can use it as a tray, a coffee table or even a storage ottoman.


Whether you buy the plant or the basket first, make sure that your basket is at least a couple of inches bigger in diameter than the pot you will put inside. Yes, you still need to use a traditional pot. However, because it will be disguised by the basket, you can opt for an inexpensive one. Make sure the pot has drainage holes and is sturdy enough to keep your plant upright. Place a plastic drip tray at the bottom of your basket, then place the pot inside. Check the tray periodically to ensure your basket stays dry.


Lined with fabric, baskets can house items both big and small. They are perfect for those items that you use regularly but that do not stow away neatly, such as toys, blankets, remote controls, utensils, toiletries, keys, sunglasses and other everyday essentials.

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