According to an old proverb, the grass is always greener on the other side of the fence.

If your neighbor’s lawn makes you green with envy, check out Hawaiian Turf-grass. With a half-dozen beautiful varieties of grass, each engineered for less maintenance and superior appearance, this Mililani company takes great pride in its proven cultivation techniques and spectacular results.

“Compared to the common varieties of these grasses, each stands out by itself,” said Sean Aukanaii Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “What sets our grasses apart from their common counterparts is their improved characteristics – they require less mowing, watering and fertilizer, and have fewer insect and disease problems.”


All of the company’s turf-grasses are grown at its Mililani farm, in compost on plastic sheeting for genetic purity.

You can now purchase a beautiful lawn online at Simply click BUY NOW, then select your variety, enter the amount of square footage needed, and select your delivery date. Hawaiian Turf-grass supplies, delivers and installs its grasses, all of which have different price points.

“It boils down to choosing the right grass for your area and maintaining it properly,” explained Fong. “If you cannot afford our best grass — the Zeon — we have something more affordable, like the Tifgrand, which grows a bit faster.”

Here’s a breakdown of the company’s five varieties:



Long the standard for Honolulu home lawns, El Toro is a medium-bladed grass with good drought tolerance and high heat and sun adaptability. Developed at University of California-Riverside, El Toro requires full sun and can recover quickly from injury, making it a great choice for athletic fields, golf courses and home lawns. This turf needs mowing every one to two weeks.


Visually, Captiva® St. Augustine is a dramatic improvement over Hawaii’s common St. Augustine grasses. It’s dark green, shade tolerant, and fares well with minimal water. It’s also a slow vertical grower, greatly reducing mowing frequency. Exclusive to Hawaiian Turfgrass, it’s perfect for landscapes that get a mix of sun and shade.


Developed by the University of Georgia, renowned for seashore paspalum research, SeaStar® Paspalum is the finest paspalum on the market in terms of quality, color, density and texture. Sold exclusively by Hawaiian Turfgrass, it’s also tolerant of salt and short-term drought, and can be mowed with a reel or rotary mower.


TifGrand, another creation of the University of Georgia, thrives in full sun and has improved drought tolerance, requiring less water and fertilizer than many other bermudagrass varieties. Ideal for home lawns and sports fields, TifGrand has some resistance to invasive Tawny Mole Crickets. Hawaiian Turfgrass is Hawaii’s exclusive grower of this dense, dark green variety.



A true “bare foot grass,” Zeon® is lush and dark green; it’s also highly drought tolerant and needs less fertilizer. Considered a lower-maintenance grass in Hawaii, it can handle full sun and has excellent shade tolerance, needing as little as three hours of direct sunlight. Lovely Zeon was used on the golf fairways of the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro.

Through the end of July, Hawaiian Turfgrass, the exclusive Hawaii seller of Zeon Zoysia, will offer a 25 percent discount on this truly gorgeous grass. Use the code STAR to receive the discount when ordering online.

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