There are numerous ways to make the most out of your water delivery. If you want to take advantage of mindful showering solutions, the product experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery can help you explore some eco-friendly options. Below you will find innovative technology that ensures pressure and performance are not sacrificed as they relates to showering options.

Air-infused showerheads

Mixing water with air gives the feel of a heavier spray by delivering air-enriched drops that are fuller, lighter and softer. The result is an invigorating high-performance spray with luxurious coverage.

Multi-functional shower-heads


When it comes to shower-heads, go for a multi-functional option that incorporates a more concentrated spray pattern. This will help make the most out of water pressure challenges.

Two-in-one shower columns

Get the best of both worlds with easy-install shower columns. The showerhead and handshower are sold separately, allowing the option to select eco-friendly components.

Digital showering

The sky’s the limit thanks to digital shower controls. Conserve water by choosing the perfect water temperature before you ever step inside, or pause flow whenever desired.


When it comes to your dream home, making sure it is perfect means tons of tough decisions. Let Ferguson relieve the stress and restore the fun while introducing you and your design team to our extensive collection of products from the most sought-after brands.

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