By Guy Kakugawa

Almost 30 years?

I can’t believe how fast time passes by. At the end of this year it will be 30 years in this business. Back in the ‘90s, there were no corporate home improvement giants spotting our islands, and local companies like Liberty House, Honsport and House of Music were some of my favorite stores.


When I was small, my sister, my cousin and I used to walk maybe a mile to a small store. It must have been maybe 15-feet-by-10-feet wide in the Sheridan area. The grandpa and grandma running the store greeted us like family. It was such a treat and very special with many memories. My mom and aunty always wanted to go to Ala Moana but the “small store” was my favorite.

It’s sad so many of the local stores have long since gone. We strive to keep the “traditional values” that have been the moral code of our company — among them giving good value and treating the customer as family.

I am very proud of my team. We are passionate and have pride in what we do. I am very lucky to have a team of sincere hard-working guys and gals.


Here are some of the services we provide:

• Tub cut (walk through conversions) We take your existing tub and cut an opening to make it safer and easier to step in. This is an affordable way to make it safer for seniors.

• Senior conversions from tub to shower We have a limited lifetime warranty and special price for seniors. We install a Bathplanet system, which is a luxurious looking shower system at a reasonable price.

• Remodeling of bathrooms and kitchens We can consult and help you through the wide selection of today’s modern materials, always at no charge.

• Refinishing and color matching experts We can match colors for touch-up or refinish many different colors and textures.

• Tub liner specialist We can put a new tub over an existing tub without removing the walls.

We will give you a free estimate and consultation, which can provide you with information that should help you with making an informed decision. Our goal is to make you a member of our family of customers.

Please call me at 358-7780.


Guy Kakugawa is the owner of All Island Bath Remodeling LLC.

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