As the sun sets on another perfect Oahu day, Jonathan Lee and his wife, Nan, step from the white, warm sand beach onto a verdant, cool lawn in Ewa Beach. The lush, Zeon Zoysia grass of the lawn is soft underfoot and provides a deep green frame to the pearly sand beyond. At a glance, you might think you were at a resort in Waikiki. But this isn’t a resort. It’s the Lee’s private home.

When Jonathan and Nan built their dream home two years ago in Ewa Beach, Jonathan told the lawn experts at Hawaiian Turf-grass that he wanted the lawn of his beachfront home to look like a golf course. Sean Fong, president of Mililani-based Hawaiian Turfgrass, recommended Zeon Zoysia, a low maintenance grass with a small, soft leaf blade that grows a dense, lush lawn perfect for the Hawaiian climate.


As the finishing touches on the Lee’s new home were completed, the professional team from Hawaiian Turfgrass prepared the property’s sandy soil and installed an irrigation system. There were 3,000 square feet of Zeon Zoysia sod harvested from the Hawaiian Turf-grass farm in Mililani, loaded onto a truck, and delivered to the site. Then, the sod was laid out checkerboard-style to create an instant green lawn.

“When we go from walking on the beach where the sand is hot, and then you walk on the grass and it’s so much cooler, it’s a big difference. It’s so refreshing,” Lee said.

As an airline pilot who travels for a living, easy maintenance and sustainability were important considerations for Lee when selecting a grass type for his lawn. Zeon Zoysia lived up to his expectations. In the past year and a half, he has only fertilized the lawn once. And as for mowing, the grass is only mowed once every three weeks.


“The grass grows very slowly, it doesn’t get overgrown rapidly and the fertilization is very minimal. It’s economical, too, because I am not watering it daily,” Lee said.

Since having the lawn installed, Lee said he has recommended Hawaiian Turfgrass to several of his co-workers for their home lawns.

“Hawaiian Turfgrass was very good, very easy to communicate with. And if I had any questions or concerns, I felt very comfortable to call Sean and get a fast response.”


What Lee likes best about his lawn is how it enhances his lifestyle here in Hawaii.

“We like to have barbecues here and we set up a little umbrella and it’s like a little beach resort that we have here in our home,” Lee said. “We can have an umbrella, and my wife and I will have dinner on the beach right on our lawn and watch the sunset. We get to look out at the ocean, sit on the lawn, and enjoy the cool breeze and the fresh salt air.”

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