In Hawaii, where water bills are among the highest in the country, lawn care can be extremely challenging. That’s why it’s critically important to get turfgrass selection right the first time.

“A beautiful lawn is definitely achievable with proper maintenance, if the customer chooses the right grass for the area,” said Sean Aukanaii Fong, owner of Hawaiian Turfgrass. “In the end, it’s all about maintenance, followed by aesthetic preference and budget.”


With characteristics that outperform older, common grasses, all of Hawaiian Turfgrass’ varieties are more drought-tolerant and require less mowing. They’re engineered to be adaptable to practically any soil profile. Customers who buy from Hawaiian Turfgrass get the entire plant, both root and grass.

“All our varieties are grown on plastic, which prevents the roots from digging down into the soil,” Fong said. “We grow it in compost, so it’s sterile and weed-free.”

That’s essential in Hawaii where there are so many different soil profiles. Turf grown in Central Oahu’s red dirt would likely have drainage problems in Manoa, explained Fong.


“Since our grass is grown on plastic, we’re not disturbing the sod, cutting it from the ground. We just lift it off the plastic and stack it up. When customers put it in their soil it’s highly adaptable,” Fong said.

Like many local suppliers, Hawaiian Turfgrass sells the extremely popular El Toro Zoysia. It also carries exclusive varieties like Tifgrand® Bermuda and Captiva® St. Augustine. Additionally, the company is now Hawaii’s exclusive distributor for Zeon® Zoysia. Requiring less or minimal water and fertilizer, Zeon Zoysia is a natural choice for practically any soil profile on Oahu. Tiger Woods featured this exceptional turfgrass at his Bluejack National course in Texas. It’s now the bestselling Zoysia in the country.

“Zeon Zoysia is so different,” Fong enthused. “It only needs mowing about twice a month, and it’s salt-, drought-, and shade-tolerant.” Through the end of July, the company will offer a 25 percent summer discount on this gorgeous “barefoot lawn” grass.


All of Hawaiian Turfgrass’ varieties are available for pickup by appointment at the company’s Mililani farm. The company can also deliver curbside with a forklift.

“Residential installations anywhere on Oahu are our bread and butter!” said Fong.

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