Rui Construction and Building Supply Inc. pleases clients with speedy renovation work and new homes, while stocking its showroom with excellent products.

Selecting a contractor for your renovation might be one of the toughest decisions you’ll make as a homeowner. How do you find a builder you can trust enough to make significant changes to your most valuable asset?

As the owner of Rui Construction and Building Supply, Xiao Rui “Ray” Xie, has worked in construction for more than 20 years, but the advertising budget for his contracting services is minimal. When word-of-mouth is all a contractor needs to stay busy, it’s a good sign he’s both competent and trustworthy.

“We really don’t advertise our construction business because we have a lot of referrals,” said Xie’s son Jon, who manages the building supply arm of the family company.


From a construction laborer in Singapore to a major contractor and building supply owner in Honolulu, Ray Xie’s success and vision inspire confidence and trust. As his company regularly goes out of its way to accommodate his clients’ needs, word gets around.

“He’s experienced a lot, seen a lot. And we get a lot of referrals. It’s the way we work with our customers, and the service we provide,” explained Jon Xie. “Some have full-time jobs; so we’ll have meetings at night. Our building supply store only operates from 8 to 5, but we go beyond that to work with their schedules.”

The company often assists with tasks beyond what might be considered its purview.

“Many owners we encounter don’t have a designer,” said Xie. “We help them design their interiors based on their ideas. We can do pre-estimates, layouts and designs for their plans, free of cost. We can even send a contractor to their place to take measurements.”


A contractor’s speed is critical, especially for customers who vacate their homes during renovation. “Usually they have a lot of expense and want to move back in as soon as possible,” said Xie.

Rui Construction consistently completes new builds within six months of breaking ground. Its renovation work is similarly speedy and efficient.

To many, Rui’s greatest appeal might be simply that the two arms of its business complement each other so well.

“Basically, we’re a one-stop shop,” Xie shared.


Its Sand Island Access Road showroom is packed with basic building supplies: cabinetry, countertops, vanities, faucets, sinks, tile, fl ooring, lighting and more.

“Most of our construction customers use our building supplies in their homes,” Xie said. “Because it’s decent quality, we always have referrals.”

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ADDRESS 155 Sand Island Access Road