Customers certainly take a shine to the fine products and skilled services that Diamond Head Windows provides to satisfied homeowners.

Bobby Curran had his home’s windows replaced by Diamond Head Windows. Curran has been the voice of University of Hawaii football and basketball since 1990. He has also done Wahine basketball, volleyball, softball and baseball. He is the host of The Bobby Curran Show on


ESPN Honolulu from 6 to 9 a.m. every weekday morning. He lives with his wife, Jo, and sons, Max and Finn, in Hawaii Kai. The following is an interview he did about Diamond Head Windows.

Q: Why did you decide to replace windows in your home?

A: We had noticed that the house seemed to be getting hotter in the summer months and wanted a more energy efficient set of windows that didn’t allow as much light and heat to penetrate.

Q: What made you choose Diamond Head Windows?

A: I think originally there was an offer that my wife, Jo, saw on a flier, and then once the representatives came to give us a quote, they appeared knowledgeable and capable and we felt confident that they’d do a good job.

Q: How did the installation go? A: It really couldn’t have gone better. I think we’ve all had experiences of contracting jobs or home improvements that don’t go so well — this was a truly flawless installation. Efficient, no mess and the way that the team finished off their work, there was nothing left behind. You’d never have known they’d been in our house.

Q: What difference have you noticed since you’ve had the windows installed?

A: Immediately we noticed that the bedrooms were cooler, right from day one.

And the overall look of the rooms is just so much more pleasant now.

They are aesthetically pleasing as well as being efficient. The house is cooler and it really does look nicer too.


Plus, the sliding doors upstairs and downstairs are so easy to open. We couldn’t be happier.

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