Hawaii has long had good protection from hurricanes, but with weather patterns changing who knows if that will hold for the future.

How can you protect your home, family and possessions from storm damage and yet retain the view and light from your existing windows?

Diamond Head Windows, working with international window manufacturer Amerimax, has come up with an affordable solution for you.


Laminate glass is the best glass in protecting your home from wind damage and flying debris. Traditional glass breaks easily on impact with wind driven debris. The shards of glass created by the impact are dangerous.

Once one of your windows is destroyed by wind, your house is much more vulnerable to wind and water damage.

Laminate glass is the glass used in your car windshield. It has a layer of plastic sandwiched between to panes, adding strength to the window. Should wind and debris be of such force to break the glass, the glass spiderwebs on impact with the plastic layer keeping the broken glass in place.

The Amerimax window system is a dual pane window system, providing the benefit of insulation from heat, unwanted sound and harmful UV light. You get all the benefits from the dual pane system, with the added security and protection from the outer layer of laminate glass. The inner pane is tempered glass, which is also built to absorb impact. So even if the outer pane is broken, you have an additional layer of tempered glass to protect you.


This glass system is incorporated into the regular Amerimax frames and is available in any shape or style of window, even sliding doors.

Amerimax is known in Hawaii for its beauty and resistance to the harsh UV light and salt. The double lifetime warranty includes screens, hardware, accidental glass breakage and leakage for as long as you own your home. The warranty is transferable should you sell your home or pass it along to other family members.

To launch the new hurricane glass, Diamond Head Windows has negotiated with Amerimax to give special discounted rates for the first 100 customers who sign up.

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