The other night, as I was watching a movie with my daughter, Lina, we went over objects as they appeared on the screen. “What’s that?” I would say. Then, she would reply, “That’s a dog … That’s a brush … That’s toothpaste.” When I saw a newspaper, I hoped she would recognize that item as well. “That’s a newspaper!” I jumped for joy.

I am a believer that print is still very much alive, and I would love if Lina shared those sentiments. I still subscribe to print publications, including some of my favorites: monthly home magazines. Peeking at the covers alone allows me to let my imagination soar and take mental notes for my future dream home.


While many of the things I see will remain stuff of dreams, there are also many achievable feats as well. These are typically design ideas that homeowners can incorporate in small ways. In recent months, I’ve noticed more and more trends in kitchen cabinetry. Here are some of my favorites:

Open shelving

Homeowners today are shirking extraneous items and holding onto only those that “spark joy,” Marie Kondo style. Putting these items on display, rather than hiding them behind closed doors makes small spaces seem larger and helps to ensure that clutter is kept to a minimum.


White wood dominated kitchen cabinetry trends for quite some time, but now color is reigning. Soft tones, especially in the blue and green families, can be timeless and neutral. If you want to tread lightly, consider adding cabinetry color to an island to start and then moving on to the rest of your kitchen.

Natural wood


Perhaps a nod to a growing appreciation for finding beauty in simplicity and nature, wood cabinetry with natural finishes is making a comeback. It provides a neutral color palette while also lending warmth and an earthy appeal. Think finishes that look barer and less polished.


Smart home features offer convenience and cool-factor appeal in almost every area of the home, and cabinets are no exception. Tech for cabinets ranges from motion-sensor, open-and-close mechanisms to things as simple as built-in charging stations.

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