In spring, we begin to think of spring cleaning and renewal. Joan Robinson-Whitaker, at Designer For A Day, has been following the KonMarie method of organizing, and made great progress. By following her guidelines, you will purge tons of used stuff and organize what you keep. And the best part is that you reconnect with things that bring you joy.

Now that you are surrounded by only things that bring you joy, think about ways you can enhance that joy with refreshing the rest of your house.

Below are some ways to refresh your interior without breaking the budget.


• Replace your area rug to develop a new color scheme and renew the whole room. Area rugs come in all price ranges. If you have pets and kids try indoor/outdoor rugs because they can be cleaned easily, or consider buying a carpet remnant and have the edges bound. This is a very cost effective way to get exactly the size and color you want.

• Paint an accent wall. To select a color, take your cue from your rugs or art work in the room. Remember it’s only paint. If you don’t like the color, try a different color.

• The power of the pillow is amazing. New pillows will introduce new colors, patterns and textures that really jazz things up, so mix it up.

• Identify areas where a plant would look good, then get varying heights of house plants. You can move them around to find the perfect spot. If you need a feature tree for a corner and you want it to fill the space, consider a fiddle leaf fig tree. They grow great indoors. It has broad leaves that are impressive and can add a lot of character to a room.


• Editing your artwork will complement your new look. Replace faded prints and reframe pieces that need it.

• Enhance your lighting with some new fixtures. New lighting will give your room a whole new ambience.

• Buy some large baskets or pots for your plants. A tall container will give your tree more height.

• Lastly, look at your windows.


Do they need a new window treatment? Try adding side panel draperies to soften the window frames. This is also a great way to bring color and pattern into the room. If buying ready-made panels, be sure to buy enough to get fullness to the drapery. Normally what you would use to make them look beautifully finished is 100 percent fullness.

• Bonus tip — call Joan Robinson-Whitaker at Designer For A Day, who can help you achieve this new look for spring. Call 486-9191 or visit

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