There is a widespread misconception about modern design that it is cold and impersonal.

For more than four years INspiration Interiors Design Studio has been designing and selling modern kitchens, baths and wardrobes, eclipsing this misconception with each new installation. And while the company has seen its share of renovations in luxury condominiums and private estates, the bulk of the kitchen remodel work INspiration Interiors Design Studio does is in everyday neighborhoods, in homes that range from 10-50 years old.

What makes the company’s kitchens so accessible and understandable is the design team’s ability to translate modern into a vocabulary that appeals to the everyday family. Most of Hawaii’s homeowners want a new kitchen that is beautiful, functional and fuss-free, but is still warm and inviting for entertaining and family gatherings.


“It’s all about listening, translating and editing,” said lead designer J.R. Ludlow. “Everyone comes in with a mile-long wish list, and our true satisfaction comes from giving them just about everything they want, but in a pared-down, uncomplicated, clean configuration. And while we have seen our share of white glossy kitchens, we do a lot of mixed textures and finishes that translate well into so many of Hawaii’s homes and lifestyles. It gives a warmth and dimension to modern that makes it more livable.”

Surfaces and finishes define the kitchen, and INspiration Interiors cabinet line, Valdesign by Alf Italia, gives homeowners a huge selection of texture, color and reflectivity to suit any taste and palette. Warm and earthy Melamine finishes come in several wood-like patterns and give the kitchen and a rustic modern appeal, while being incredibly durable and a great choice for families and people who want to cook care-free. There is also new nano-technology finish called Fenix that has a unique non-porous external layer where stains and minor scratches can be rubbed out with a magic sponge or ironed out with heat and a damp cloth making the finish self-repairable. Fenix comes in matte colors that range from soft grey to rich charcoal and have a velvety, powder-like feel.

It’s not just the color and the texture that can make modern more livable, it’s also the overall cabinet composition that can make this design style ultra-functional. To keep cleaning to an all-time minimum in your new kitchen, modern flat panel door styles will mean less nooks and crannies on the surface and less places for dirt and dust to gather. No handles will mean no grime to clean off on both the handles and the door. For a truly “hands-free” kitchen, drawers can have touch opening and soft-closing, so you won’t even need to use your hands. Inserts, pull-outs and pantry units can all help to organize and distribute the workload. There is nothing more modern than German luxury appliances, and Miele whose recent foray into fully equipped appliance packages starting at $10,000, has made German precision available to all budgets.

“If you want more information on how you can make the modern leap, come into the showroom and talk to our design team,” said Ludlow. “We are a small, but mighty team of four including myself. Kelsey (Williamson), Elise (Unruh) and Lyndee (Park) each have their own signature take on modern design and would love to share their perspectives on the trends and details that can make modern design a part of your life.”

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