ThePerfectSpace™ is introducing a model of its tiny home that is strong enough to meet the tough demands of the homeless and emergency housing market.

Its first big advantage is that it can be set up (or broken down) by two good handy people in just a few days.Even better, the unassembled kit is very compact and stores in very little space so it can be easily flown into a disaster area on short notice.


The optional second floor loft space can easily provide sleeping space for two large adults or three kids comfortably.Downstairs can be configured to provide sleeping space for up to three to four adults in a pinch. That’s also depending on what other options you choose, such as a toilet, shower, sink, bolt-in-place cabinets, and more.

The 10-by-12 (120 square feet) bottom floor, when coupled with the 104-square-foot second floor loft yields 224 square feet of usable space, which is enough to house a small family.

If you need a bigger space, that’s no problem. ThePerfectSpace can quickly be unbolted and combined together to make a much larger structure.


Often, hygiene and infections can be a concern in homeless or emergency housing. This is where ThePerfectSpace shines because all the walls are lined with a high-pressure laminate surface that is easy to clean and sterilize.No black mold or bugs can hide and grow in between the walls because this is single-wall construction.

The interior as well as the exterior walls can be waterproofed with included CRS Waterproofing primers and caulks.That means if a big mess is made inside, you can use a detergent and a pressure sprayer to make it spotless and hygienic again.

Bugs can’t get in the tightly sealed space when all the doors and windows are shut.All the plywood panels have a termicide safely hidden inside the two laminate surfaces and are guaranteed to be termite proof.


Complete kits start at only $12,850 for the 10-by-12-foot Basic DIY Kit.Assembly on your level Oahu lot is only $950 until March 1, 2019.If you want to see this innovative space in person, please call the Cool Roof Store at 591-1905 to book a time to see the company’s two model tiny homes.

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ADDRESS // 1363 S. Beretania St. (at the corner of Keeaumoku Street)
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