One of the most trusted resources for interior designers, builders and remodelers across the country has weighed in on the latest styles and innovative trends that are making an impression in today’s homes. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery has compiled a glimpse into what will be trending next. After product research and discussions with leading interior designers, manufacturers and industry insiders, these are their top trends.

Smoldering hues

Consider the possibilities of the gray spectrum, a popular color trend for the home. From warm light grays to the coolness of matte black, these tones add a subtle layer of intrigue and distinction.

Coastal edge


Inspired by the easygoing style of life lived near open waters, the coastal edge trend showcases relaxed elegance for the modern home. Taking cues from nautical designs and reclaimed materials, these products beautifully merge modern style with coastal influence.

Talk-to-me tech

Talk-to-me tech products get things done — with the sound of your voice. Pairing with popular platforms such as Google Home, Alexa and Apple HomePod, these smart faucets, fans and appliances easily integrate into the connected home.

Modern markings

From etched motifs to geometric patterns, the modern markings trend highlights the arrangement of shapes to form dynamic compositions with a sense of movement. Showcasing a rhythmic sequence of textures and lines, these products expand the possibilities for endless mixing and matching.



If wanderlust drives you to express your desire for travel, consider selecting a light fixture that features globes. The round orbs offer a playful mid-century modern vibe with the futuristic simplicity of 1950s design. With finishes ranging from clear glass to reflective metallic, the globes can be as diverse as the stamps in your passport

Trouble-free transformations

When it’s time for an upgrade, select products that improve performance and modernize your daily routine. Offering easy installation and seamless integration into existing layouts, remodel-friendly products provide a quick transformation to refresh the style and functionality of your space.


When selecting a transitional metallic hue, consider a trend combination called “brassic” — where brass tones meet classic design. The warm accent of this time-honored finish complements every style from traditional to modern.

Intentional integrations


These multifunctional masterpieces are infused with thoughtful design elements that take the chore out of routine tasks. Featuring customizable settings and integrated tech enhancements, form and function are indistinguishable.

Let the experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery find where your style intersects with today’s trends. With perfect selections, your home projects will create a lasting impression.

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