When you’re ready to sell, kitchen and bath renovations can yield huge returns on your investment. That’s one of the fundamental truths of the real estate industry, and it’s certainly true in Hawaii.

In our older homes, small dark kitchens with dated countertops and cabinets, dingy lighting and faded vinyl flooring can be total turnoffs for potential buyers. Tiny, inadequate bathrooms with chipped pedestal sinks, stained tubs and cracked tile — all common in older island homes — are similarly unappealing.


Keeping costs down can be difficult in any renovation project, but in Hawaii, where building supplies must be shipped in, finding a balance between a manageable budget and acceptable quality can be challenging. Even big box stores often charge exorbitant prices for fixtures that have been haphazardly manufactured.

It’s easy to see why Rui Building Supply is popular with savvy do-it-yourself homeowners and seasoned local contractors alike. All the furnishings needed for a renovation or new build — from gorgeous vinyl plank flooring to light fixtures in a variety of beautiful styles, and everything in between — can be found at the company’s showroom on Sand Island Access Road.

Quality furnishings at affordable prices
“We have cabinetry — kitchen cabinets, countertops, vanities, faucets, sinks, tile, flooring — even lighting for residential and commercial use,” said Jon Xie, manager of Rui Building Supply. Prices for most items at Rui are competitive with, or substantially lower than, prices at island big box stores — without compromise in quality.

The showroom holds an amazing collection: faucets in a variety of well-designed styles; sturdy sinks of stainless steel, porcelain, and glass; elegant chandeliers and sconces; showers with pretty etched glass doors; and much more. There are well-made cabinets in solid wood, some of which sell for as little as $30 apiece.


The showroom can sometimes stock items that other stores don’t carry, like quartz countertops.

“We still have a half-dozen quartz shades in stock, while supplies last,” said Xie, adding that some island companies recently removed the material from their showrooms because of U.S. trade tariffs, which delayed shipments. Rui also carries granite countertops, popular for organic durability.

“Granite comes straight from the mountains,” explained Xie. “It needs a little more maintenance than quartz but it can be cheaper, and it’s beautiful.”


And if you find yourself needing some help with your renovation, this is a one-stop shop. Jon Xie’s dad, Xiao Rui “Ray” Xie, is the owner of Rui Construction, sister company of Rui Building Supply.

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