The origins of the word warranty come from the Old North French term “warantir,” which according to the Online Etymology Dictionary means to “safeguard, protect; guarantee, pledge.” Warranty, as we know it today, falls right in line with its old French roots.

Beyond the word’s definition, however, are companies that offer warranties on products that we as consumers put our trust in because it is part of their promise and pledge to safeguard and protect the consumer, guaranteed.

While this should be expected of all companies, there are still times when consumers get partial care or caught off guard by the famous “fine print” that is attached to many products.

That’s why if you’re looking to renovate your home, Windows Hawaii is the premium company to go with for all your windows and doors needs — plus other exterior home products.


The company’s Alii Extreme Series Windows & Doors by Anlin is tailor made for Hawaii’s tropical climate. With it, customers can expect a superb lifetime installation and product warranty on the windows for as long as you own your home.

“Competitor s usually feature all-climate window packages, but Anlin windows are engineered for Hawaiian homes,” mentioned general manager Mario Garcia.

In addition to its quality products, Windows Hawaii is committed to keeping the household continually safe, offering the best warranties on the island.

“If customers get an Alii Extreme from us, there’s a True Double Lifetime Warranty on that window,” Garcia said.

A True Double Lifetime Warranty covers the products purchased for life, and this includes a lifetime Complimentary Accidental Glass Breakage Replacement feature.


Plus, should you sell your home, the warranty is fully transferrable through a simple process and is good for life for the subsequent homeowner. Once the home is sold, a transfer of ownership must be made known to Anlin through a simple phone call to Windows Hawaii.

While competitors offer a mere 45 days for this transfer to happen, Anlin allows a 120-day transfer period, making the transition of moving that much less stressful.

With so many factors going on in a move, it’s easy to overlook a window warranty transfer of ownership form that needs to be called in.

Additionally, while other companies may charge a “handling cost” transfer fee — of $75 for example — Windows Hawaii honors the ownership transfer at no charge at all. It’s a loaded deal that parallels Windows Hawaii’s beliefs and values of caring for its customers. More information about the warranty can be found at the company’s website. They also include instructions for proper care and maintenance to prolong the durability and life of their purchase.

For the highest care and quality in service and products call Garcia. Opt for the islands’ top choice in quality window replacement as the company has been voted first place as Honolulu Star-Advertiser’s “Hawaii’s Best” People’s Choice Award the past five years in a row including 2018.


Garcia always reminds customers to think of quality first, and not fall for similar products that claim they are the same — because with quality, customers are sure to have a lasting investment that will pay off in the long run.

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