The red carpet, the gold statues and the glamour of Hollywood make awards night a beloved experience for people across the country. Sharing in the movie magic with friends and family can make the excitement that much more fun, so today, Feb. 24, consider hosting a red carpet viewing party at home.

To bring out the essence of Hollywood and have a little fun in the process, consider these top tips for an awards-night party to remember:

A themed dress code


Play up the theme of the affair by setting a dress code. You could choose an upscale event and request guests wear Hollywood glam attire. Alternatively, you could request everyone dress as a character from their favorite nominated film. Finally, if comfy is more the vibe you are going for, invite everyone to come in their fanciest lounge wear, such as slippers and satin pajamas.

A red-carpet entrance

Transform your entryway into a Hollywood hot spot by renting a red carpet or buying a red plastic runner from your local party store. Add gold stars to really set the mood. Once guests enter your home, set up a fun photo booth space with props like feather boas and signs so the “paparazzi” can capture some pictures. Use your cell phone camera or consider buying an instant camera to share the photos as party favors.

Toast to friends and fun

A glass of the bubbly elevates any party, so pop open some chilled bottles of Piper-Heidsieck Cuvee Brut and your guests will feel like A-listers the moment they enter your event. This year, special edition red and gold bottles from the famed champagne maker will be poured exclusively at the ceremony and after-party, sure to be enjoyed by Hollywood’s most elite. To learn more, visit

Judges’ choice games


Create ballots and hand out to guests so they can predict the winners of each category. After all winners are announced, score the cards to see who got the most categories correct. You might also surprise guests with your own awards to hand out for things like “best dressed” or “best comedy performance.” Then hand out swag bags to the winners with movie-themed goodies, such as DVDs, movie theater gift cards and gourmet popcorn.

Nosh on sophisticated bites

Serving up platters of tasty hors d’oeuvres is a simple yet classy way to feed your guests because it allows everyone to eat, mingle and watch the memorable moments of the show as they popular hors-d-oeuvre into the perfect special-occasion treat.

This article is courtesy of Brandpoint.