As a homeowner, one of the last things you want to think about is re-roofing your home. In recent years, West Oahu Roofing Inc. has noticed most homeowners have asked similar questions. This article series will touch upon those frequently asked questions (FAQ) about your roofing project, a n d h o w West Oahu Roofing Inc. (WOR) addresses them.

FAQ 1: Should I tear off my existing roof or lay a new roof over the existing one?
WOR: There are strengths and drawbacks of both roof installation types. Layovers will achieve a similar look than if you were to tear off. You will receive the manufacturer’s warranty if installed by a licensed roofing professional and the overall cost will be less because there is less roofing debris removal. However, you are also sacrificing the extra weight your roof will have to endure and it is difficult for unforeseen repairs to be made.

WOR would recommend tearing off the existing roof because the company is able to check for all necessary repairs and you would become eligible for an extended warranty guaranteeing workmanship for 25 years. WOR believes this is worth the added cost to perform a tear off versus a roof lay over.

FAQ 2: I am not going to be home during the re-roofing, how will the workers use the restroom?
WOR: WOR sympathizes with employees because the company understands that everyone needs to “go.” Regardless if the homeowner is home or not, WOR always provides its own portable toilet for its employees. This increases the morale of the employees and it also increases productivity of your job.

FAQ 3: Will a large roll-off bin block my driveway until it is picked up?
WOR: No, WOR does not utilize roofing large roll-off bins for any residential roofing jobs. WOR has a fleet of dump trucks and dump trailers that will be used in the driveway during working hours, and at the end of each workday, WOR removes the dump truck or dump trailer just so you can utilize your driveway while the company’s employees aren’t working.


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