One of the most trusted resources for interior designers, builders and remodelers across the country has weighed in on the latest styles and innovative trends that are making an impression in today’s homes. Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery has compiled a glimpse into what will be trending next. After product research and discussions with leading interior designers, manufacturers and industry insiders, these are their top trends.

Subtle surprises

Be it inlaid motifs, artistic expressions or thoughtful tech integrations, these daring products will require you to take a second — and third — look.

Duo of the year


Circles and squares are emerging as the perfect pair with their geometric silhouettes and precise proportions. When you line up products and circle back to what grabs your attention in design, you’ll notice these fundamental shapes.

Bead it

When you want to showcase lighting with multifaceted threads of style, just bead it. Lighting with strands of crystal, wooden and or pearlescent beads present a sophisticated flair for artful detail.

Shade on shade

With a light source that is entirely concealed or delicately hidden behind juxtaposed layers, shade on shade fixtures are an excellent option for ambient lighting.


Let the experts at Ferguson Bath, Kitchen & Lighting Gallery find where your style intersects with today’s trends. With perfect selections, your home projects will create a lasting impression.

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