The Chinese craftsman’s spirit is a professional one. It radiates the embodiment of ethics, ability and quality and refers to value orientation and the behavioral performance of practitioners. The basic connotation of the “craftsman’s spirit” incorporates dedication, learning, focus and innovation.

Ping Lin, president of Top Builder Construction Inc., has been working in the construction industry for more than 30 years. He learned how to build homes in Fujian Province, China, when he was 16 years old. After five years of doing construction in China, he went to Japan for 10 years to learn about technology. He then moved to Hawaii to start his construction business 15 years ago.


The company policy is to provide quality exceptional work on-time. The president always tells his company employees that as long as the work is promising, even if it ultimately leads to a loss of profit, the job should be fully completed. Most importantly, the company always stays within the clients’ budget.

Focused people are able to produce effectively and are proud of their creations. In this way people from any field can embrace the craftsman’s spirit. Top Builder Construction offers the following services: building homes, remodeling kitchens, remodeling bathrooms, “in and out” remodeling, framing, ground up construction, concrete, finish work, flooring, installing tile and walls, and more.

Top Builder Construction always focuses on quality. Quality is always preferred over quantity. Integrity is always ahead of technology. The focus is on the ultimate products and services.


We are in a competitive world where more products and services are similar. A company that is favored by customers and respected by society can sustain and last longer. Doing things that are helpful to people is what Ping Lin has always hoped.

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