Part two of a three-part series

Progress continues at the Kaimuki rebuild Photo by Phil Spalding III custom rebuild of a 1960s family home by Homeworks Construction is underway on a cleared 5,041 square-foot-lot on 22nd Avenue.


The new 1,500-square-foot home will provide the long-time owner of the property with approximately 20 percent more living space than the original structure. Plus it will include a 413-square-foot garage and 250-square-foot covered lanai overlooking the new gardens.

In keeping with the company slogan — “All design and construction services under one roof” — demolition and lot clearing were handled by Homeworks president and chief operations officer Sylvio Boucher, while observing a special request by the owner — preservation of favorite plants and large rocks for use later in landscaping.

Boucher, who is supervising concrete pouring and the fi rst stages of framing, noted that the Homeworks designers and builders function as a team from planning and permitting to final finishes.


“We work closely with our clients and consider them part of the team,” Boucher said. “Their lifestyle and any special requests or conditions are always taken into account. In this case, the clients love this old Kaimuki neighborhood where one of them grew up. The home we’re building for them will complement and blend with the neighborhood. It will also be compatible with their budget and incorporate a number of aging-in-place and energy-efficient features.”

In addition to a 500-square-foot main living and dining area, the home will include a master bedroom and bath suite and guest bedroom and bath, a main living and dining area, and a custom kitchen designed by award-winning Homeworks kitchen and bath designer Sean Bradshaw.

The process of finalizing fi xtures, appliances, cabinetry, and finishes continues under the direction of Homeworks selections specialist Elyse Grable.


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