For beautiful, durable countertops in a rainbow of lovely colors, quartz is a spectacular option.

Ideal for kitchens and bathrooms, quartz resists staining much more effectively than granite or marble. And because it’s non-porous, quartz doesn’t hold bacteria or viruses.

Unfortunately, because of new U.S. trade tariffs, quartz has become increasingly difficult to find. However, Rui Building Supply still has the engineered stone product for sale at its packed showroom on Sand Island Access Road.


“While supplies last, we have quartz countertops in a half-dozen shades, and we still have quite a bit of stock,” said Jon Xie, manager of Rui Building Supply. A few shipments arrived just before the flow of Chinese imports came to a halt, Xie explained. “Due to the tariffs, there’s now a big delay in shipments and orders.”

The new tariffs have affected building suppliers everywhere. They will add as much as 300 percent to the cost of importing Chinese quartz into the United States. According to Xie, several local suppliers have raised prices and even pulled quartz stock from display.

“Our customers have told us that a lot of places are actually removing quartz counter-tops from their showrooms,” said Xie. “They’re no longer selling them.”

Inevitably, companies that do continue to offer quartz will be forced to pass some of the expense of the tariff to their customers.


“A lot of places are raising their prices for quartz countertops and other materials because of the tariff, so there’s a race to it,” explained Xie. “We are affected by the tariff as well, but we’re still able to offer them to the public.”

Over the years, Rui Building Supply has attracted a wide diversity of customers, from do-it-yourself homeowners looking for cupboards for their garage workshops to high-end contracting and renovation firms. Rui’s showroom on Sand Island Access Road is a renovator’s dream, packed with furnishings and fittings.

The company is perhaps best known for its inexpensive, solid wood cabinets in a variety of shades, handsomely sturdy with magnetic closures. But there’s much more to be found here: stainless steel and farmhouse sinks in a dozen styles, graceful vanities and shower doors, elegant chandeliers and sleek modern lighting fixtures that would add style to any home. And that’s just for starters.

Recently, Rui began offering gorgeous engineered vinyl plank flooring.


“Vinyl planks look like classic wood flooring, but they’re water resistant, and great for bathrooms,” Xie shared.

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