The newest trend is to have a wood or stone look put on the wall vertically to create accents, or feature a main or entire room wall. Other uses can be for wainscoting, headboards, kitchen backsplashes, islands and peninsulas. With your imagination there could be limitless design possibilities for use in your home, office or commercial space.

Normally, laminates, vinyl flooring, hardwood and ceramic have been used to create wall designs. Metroflor, a vinyl manufacturer, has created a new product that is comprised of authentic visuals in vinyl composite planks and tiles. The two new brands of vinyl for your wall are Vercade and Wall Passions. Each brand has its own distinct patterns and style.

Both brands use a proven clear vinyl wear layer that protects a high-resolution printed decorative film that resembles the beauty and realism of natural wood or stone with vivid clarity. The highly engineered closed cell composite core makes the product 100-percent waterproof and dimensionally stable. It will not warp, cup or crack. It is very light compared to the real products and is much easier to install. Termites will not cause damage to this product, unlike real wood.


Rather than being constrained by the limits of natural hardwood and stone, Vercade and Wall Passions can achieve wider design, color and texture variations at budget friendly prices. The products feature a range of 6-inch-by-48-inch planks and 12-inch-by-24-inch tiles to create custom, one-of-a-kind looks in a multitude of applications. There is a color, texture and style to suit every taste and design.

Myriad patterns can be achieved in both horizontal and vertical formats. Planks can be installed in Ashlar, Diagonal, Single and Double Heringbone and more. Tiles can be installed in Bricklaid, Diagonal, Basketweave and Corner to Corner. Vercade comes with a pillow edge detail that lends a natural, realistic feel to each plank or tile and helps to minimize the effects of imperfections on the wall. Wall Passions will come in only planks with a regular beveled edge.

The ceramic bead urethane wear layer provides superior stain and wear resistance and easy care and maintenance. There is also an “Ultra-Fresh” treatment on the surface that inhibits the growth of odor and stain causing mold and mildew. Additionally, there are matching moldings available to finish off the edges of your wall project.

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