Kapolei, Mililani and Hawaii Kai — these place names evoke thoughts of local suburban life. As real estate prices in Honolulu continue to skyrocket, many people are buying suburban homes — a cheaper option for homeownership away from downtown Honolulu. Here are the pros of going suburban:

• Cheaper: Unless you’re living in a luxurious neighborhood, suburbia tends to be cheaper than downtown Honolulu. Generally, the further from the city you go, the cheaper the houses will be.

• Space: Because buying a suburban home tends to be cheaper, you’re more likely to have more living space and yard space.

• Crime: With fewer people in the suburbs, the crime rate tends to be lower there.

• Peace and quiet: Suburban areas are often away from the hustle and bustle of city life.

• Sense of community: Population in the downtown neighborhoods tend to be more transient. However, in your suburban neighborhood, you’re more likely to get to know your neighbors.

Unfortunately, suburban life also has its cons:

• Transportation: Because of the suburban sprawl, you’ll be away from central urban areas and will have limited public transportation options.

Hence, you’ll likely need a car to commute to work and do other tasks such as shopping, dining out, and going to the doctor. Fortunately, we have a bus system that also serves suburban neighborhoods, but bus service tends to be limited there.

• Distance: Because most of the major activities happen in downtown Honolulu, you’ll likely have to commute to get there. And the traffic won’t help: Hawaii ranks as one of the worst states for traffic, and Hawaii’s highways rank as some of the worst in the nation.

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